If you look closely, there are a number of fractures in the body, shoulders or face in most of our designs.  These fractures are a sign of the failures that many women face in their lives.
 The images and words that have formed on their bodies and covered their natural beauty are a sign of their busy thoughts and minds and full of memories.
 The natural beauty and appearance of a woman in the pressures of life can break a woman and change her true appearance, but I believe that strong women in any race, color, age and occupation, will always continue to live strong and fresh.  .
  From a psychological point of view, no woman can hide what she has hidden inside, as well as all the pressures and memories she carries with her.  All those memories and pressures of life are displayed behind the face and tenderness of the woman.
 Therefore, women should appreciate themselves more and not let a bad and sad image of them play a role in the calendar of their life history, which will cause them to be broken.  Woman is a gem and the gem should not be available to thieves and swindlers ...