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Our NFTs are the work of a rural girl who exhibits the art of digital design.
Pop art is one of the most popular digital painting styles. In this project, we have tried to show pop art well in the form of NFT.
Our digital paintings on real images of women of different races are presented in the form of art pop. Images of women who have been modeled on us have either been purchased, or are images that have not been copyrighted, or images taken by our artist photographer.
The total number of NFTs in this project is only 651. This collection ends with 651 NFT designs.
As we get closer to the end of the number of NFTs, the value of our NFTs will increase.
After selling every 20 NFTs, we will raise the remaining price of the NFTs, which means that the real winner is the one who buys our NFTs sooner.
In the first month of this project, we multiply 2-3 new designs daily in the OPENSEA.IO market. And in the coming months we will multiply more in the market than the demand.
After completing the number of NFTs in this project, the people who have bought the most NFTs from us will be honored and 10 of them will be awarded prizes from our next big project.